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Enabling Strong Work Performance

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The ability of managers to create a vision of success and to conduct effective discussions around priorities, performance and behaviour is essential in any organisation. Management skill is the key to inspiring, motivating and supporting employees to consistently deliver their best work. 


An effective and sustainable performance culture is vital if an organisation’s vision, mission and goals are to be achieved.

We can help with...

  • Agreeing robust performance objectives
  • Preparing examples of feedback using company resources
  • Landing feedback messages clearly and unambiguously
  • Encouraging two-way discussion
  • Handling reactions to feedback
  • Knowing when and how to adopt a coaching approach to develop capability
  • Establishing clear outcomes & next steps

Building a Healthy Feedback Culture

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Managers clearly need to be effective at delivering feedback, but it is also an important  skill for any employee. This is particularly  true within organisations that aspire to open, authentic, and constructive collaboration. 

Delivering feedback effectively  requires sensitivity and skill if it is to address issues rather than damage relationships! Success leads to conversations which build greater understanding and trust at work. 

We can help with...

  • Structuring your feedback
  • Landing a message clearly
  • Handling emotional reactions
  • Encouraging ownership of the issue
  • Challenging diversions or excuses
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Agreeing next steps

Personal Impact & Influence

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Dealing with others effectively helps us to get things done, influence opinion and build effective relationships. This is even more vital when we deal with external contacts. 


Then, we carry the additional PR responsibility of ensuring that our communication style serves the best interests of the organisation.
Confident and credible personal presentation, whatever the context, underpins work performance and can enhance professional reputations.

We can help with...

  • Structuring a clear message 
  • Understanding the needs of your “audience”
  • Delivering with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Effective questioning and listening 
  • Building your case to influence others
  • Handling resistance 
  • Maintaining a positive mindset

New Manager Induction

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Becoming a line manager can be both an exciting and daunting experience! Without timely support, new managers can easily struggle or lose confidence. Providing them with a “framework” of effective people management skills is essential to ensure they start well.


Having a management population that is well equipped to develop team morale and productivity is in every organisation’s best interests!

We can help with...

  • Setting expectations and clear objectives
  • Delivering feedback & managing performance
  • Understanding stages of team development
  • Establishing trust
  • Delegating effectively
  • Interviewing skills

Graduate Development

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The ability of graduates to adapt and assimilate quickly or to problem solve creatively, often means that they are fast-tracked into management positions early in their career.


So alongside technical and functional induction training, graduates also benefit from development experiences which enhance self-awareness and encourage both collaborative learning and interpersonal and team development.  


Such investment helps them to hit the ground running and build effective working relationships, whatever their chosen specialism.   


We can help with...

Design & delivery of bespoke events, e.g.


  • Facilitation of learning sets
  • Team Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal impact coaching
  • Management Skills
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